Graduate Design at the Carnegie Mellon
School of Drama

Costume Design

The School of Drama Graduate Costume Design Option produces innovative leaders in the design and production fields of clothing for the stage, television, and film industries. 

Costume Production

The School of Drama’s Graduate Costume Production Option is a rigorous program producing leaders and innovations in the field of Costume making, management and construction. 

Lighting Design

The School of Drama Graduate Lighting Design Option is an integrated, hands-on, three-year program which teaches practical, theoretical, and conceptual approaches for lighting design and technology.  

Scenic Design

The School of Drama Graduate Scenic Design Option prepares student for careers as scenic designers, art directors and production designers for theatre, film television, opera, dance and events. 

Sound Design

The School of Drama Graduate Sound Design Option teaches students the technical and conceptual practices necessary for designing and integrating of audio elements into a production. 

Video & Media Design

The School of Drama Graduate Video & Media Design Option is a conceptually rigorous, hands-on and innovative three–year program, which teaches advanced technical skills in a critical context.

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