The 2017 winners in the Alfred P. Sloan Script Competition at Carnegie Mellon University for the best screenplay or television pilot furthering the public understanding of science and technology are Daniel Hirsch, Jess Honovich and Whitney Rowland.

First place ($15,000 award):
Sheepish by Daniel Hirsch
Dr. Pete Woolinsky studies so-called “gay sheep.” More accurately, his research focuses on hormonal processes that correlate with male-oriented breeding behavior and physiological differentiation in domesticated rams. However, accuracy gets thrown out the window when drunk college kids kidnap one of his sheep subjects and a media frenzy ensues. The subsequent public backlash to Pete’s research unites PETA, conservative talk radio hosts, LGBTQ bloggers, and even members of his own family. Inspired by true events, Sheepish tells a story about the delicate business of studying sexuality in a politically rambunctious age.

Second place ($12,500 award):
Percy Spencer and the Radarange by Jess Honovich
The true story of a strong headed engineer whose unrelenting quest for knowledge leads him to a discovery that will reinvent the American kitchen.

Third place ($7,500 award):
The Buzzbots by Whitney Rowland
To be redeemed from a disaster of her own making, a fiercely-focused roboticist must lead a floundering kids’ robotics team to victory.

Congratulations to the writers. Our thanks go to Melissa Martin, the science consultants, the selection committee, and everyone who took part in the CMU/Sloan Script Competition.