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The Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Pre-College Program introduces high school students to the intensity of a top-ranked undergraduate conservatory program.


The program helps students prepare for the college audition and interview process and illustrates the kind of creativity and discipline required for BFA Drama curriculums.

The six-week program enrolls more than one hundred students in the areas of Acting, Musical Theatre, Design and Production.Students are encouraged to live on campus so they are able to participate in the CMU community activities, interact with facility and staff and network with peers.

Pre-College students are involved in a wide variety of classroom projects, lecture and demonstrations, and master classes. The daily schedule mirrors the School of Drama’s rigorous curriculum. At the conclusion of the program each performance student presents an audition to the faculty. The Design and Production students participate in a design portfolio presentation and interview with faculty. All students receive evaluations of their work in each course at the conclusion of the program.

Previous Pre-College students have been accepted into the leading conservatory and liberal arts colleges throughout the country.

CMU's Summer Drama Program is just one of six Summer Pre-College Programs the university offers. To find out more about the Summer Pre-College Programs in Music, Art & Design, Architecture, National High School Game Academey and the Advanced Placement/Early Admission Program, visit the Pre-College Website. For more information specifically on the Music Pre-College Program and to apply, visit here.

The Faculty

The Pre-College Drama Program is taught by professors, instructors and staff from the School of Drama’s conservatory program. In addition to the core faculty, visiting artists are engaged to provide students with practical, hands-on experiences with working professionals.


Classes are held between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a daily lunch break. Optional courses and workshops may take place in the evenings or on weekends.

The School of Drama’s Pre-College Program welcomes students of varying training and skill levels. However, it should not be regarded as summer camp, but rather a focused program for students interested in a career in theatre. Students should arrive on campus prepared to participate in an intense, challenging, college-level experience that is modeled on the School of Drama’s BFA curriculum. The average studio class size is 10-12 students.

Administrator Contacts

Summer 2016

Don Wadsworth, Director, Drama Pre-College

Maria Stoy
Associate Director, Drama Pre-College

Valerie Haley
Drama Pre-College Administrator

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How to Apply

Your application for admission will consist of an application form provided by Carnegie Mellon and documents you will be required to gather from other resources (i.e. high school transcripts).

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