Neal Dodson (Actor ’00), principal at Before the Door, a production company based in Los Angeles, returned to Pittsburgh for the premier of The Chair, a reality series based on producing two movies in the Steel City. The show airs on the Starz network on Saturdays at 10PM.

Dodson joined Don Wadsworth’s Business of the Business class Thursday afternoon to share his journey from an acting major at the School of Drama to a producer of award-winning films starring the likes of Robert Redford and Kevin Spacey.

“One of the reasons I have an interesting perspective is because I’ve been an actor, a writer and a producer,” Dodson said. “I have a weirdly broad perspective.”

Dodson talked a bit about what he does as a producer and shed light on the casting process for School of Drama senior acting and musical theatre students.

“Know who you are and what you are and learn how to sell that,” he advised.