Narelle Sissons, associate professor of design, recently designed the scenery for Pittsburgh’s City Theatre production of “The Last Match” by Anna Ziegler, directed by Tracy Brigden.
In this interview with The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Sharon Eberson, Sissons talks about her design process and her experience with the play’s topic, tennis.

Eberson writes: “The setting in a tennis match gave Ms. Sissons a twinge of nostalgia for when she was an active player, but it was the play’s depiction of two people headed in opposite directions that most sparked her imagination.

“’I think the game of tennis is important as a metaphor for this story, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s the most important aspect,’ [Sissons] said.”
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Additional faculty members on the creative team included Susan Tsu, Joe Pino and Don Wadsworth