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Desdemona's Child

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Desdemona's Child

Caridad Svich
Directed by Adil Mansoor
April 21-26

What you’re born into Has a way of catching up with you. Even if you know it’s a lie.

We know them by different names, but we remember their stories all the same. Fierce O, gone, loved too much. Beautiful D, haunting, loved against themselves. Bitter I, stuck, doesn't taste love. D child knows them by these names, but doesn't remember the story pumping through their own blood. Desdemona's Child (blood cry) dives into the ruin Othello left behind and the next generation struggling to keep afloat. Navigating a sunken past amidst a drowning present, D child seeks to reconcile truth with memory.

Desdemona's Child (blood cry) exists in the eye of the storm, or our bated breath as we wait for the flood to wash over and drown us too. Desdemona's Child (blood cry) asks of us the same questions D child asks of themselves: How do we survive histories built on oppression? How do we contend with legacies we're born into? How do we begin to heal when trauma's inked into our being? *This production is a developmental iteration of Desdemona’s Child and Mansoor’s MFA Thesis. .