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What \\Washed Ashore// Astray

This event is part of the CMU School of Drama's Director's Series. For more information, please click here.

What \\Washed Ashore// Astray

Benjamin Benne
Directed by Nora Gair
March 25-27

“sunset on the shoreline the sky and the sea blur the sea gasps for breath”

What \\Washed Ashore //Astray: a sensory play about deterioration, by contemporary playwright Benjamin Benne, is a poetic play written in overlapping free verse that tells the story of elderly twin sisters, Cat and Chris, who reunite in a cabin on the Pacific Northwest shoreline after it becomes apparent one of them will die within the year. Everything has aged: the cottage, their bodies, the world around them. The depth of connection between the twins and their relationship to the spaces they inhabit paint a beautiful, character-driven picture of senescence, childhood, and identity. This play questions the mutable nature of time through memory and how we can access our past so fully- if not so realistically- in our minds.