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Content Advisory

The School of Drama now provides content advisories for its season of plays.  If you choose to read the advisories below, please be aware that it may reveal elements of the plot prior to viewing.  While the school does not have a policy on admission for children, parents are urged to use their own discretion when considering what is appropriate.

For any questions regarding content advisories, please email Maria Stoy, Box Office Manager at

A Day

A Day contains frank discussions of mental illness throughout and several moments of suicidal ideation. There are brief mentions of sex and alcohol abuse.

In My Dreams

In My Dreams contains mentions of suicide and includes a strobe light effect that may trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

i hope they haunt you

i hope they haunt you contains vivid and brutal depictions of death throughout, and among the victims are children. There is an onstage death by suicide and discussions of rape and domestic violence.  Mental health of the characters is discussed at points.


Hair has language throughout which is considered profane. Racial violence and racially-charged words are present.


—Past Events—

Men On Boats

Men On Boats mentions death at several points. The idea of colonization is discussed throughout.


Everybody may contain partial nudity. There is frank discussion of incest and racism, and much consideration of death. Characters speak about mental illness.

Day Clothes

Day Clothes contains brief moments of violence and mentions of death.

New Works:

EZ Fix contains sexual violence and offensive language related to gender. This performance contains strobe light effects.

The Beach
contains discussions of death and terminal illness.

considers racism and contains racially-charged language.

Pass It On
contains discussion of sexual harassment and sexual assault.