Director Series

2021 Streaming Productions

These productions are directed by School of Drama artists and partially fulfill the educational requirements of the School’s BFA and MFA program.

Admission is FREE.

In My Dreams

Devised by The Company
Co-Facilitators Scout Fitzgerald & Trà Nguyễn

On Demand: May 7 – 8


A theatrical and filmic pondering of time in quarantine, in my dreams, meditations, and moments of reflection spans three acts featuring solo performances that grapple with the pandemic’s effects on how we think about ourselves and our past, present and future.


Streaming FAQs can be found here.

Also from the Director Series

A Day

By Gabrielle Chapdelaine
Translated by Josephine George
Directed by Anne Cecelia DeMello

Updated dates: May 5–8

Hour by hour, Alfonso, Nico, Harris, and Debs move through a day. The play shuttles, like a microscope, between different ways of experiencing reality as it examines four manifestations of existential crisis: through the characters’ banal daily interactions with the outside world, their inner life as narrated by the other three characters, and a third metaphysical space in which they are aware of their participation, and agency, in something called “a day.” This weird, funny, tender play explores the feeling that life is a strange amalgamation of the movies we watch, the clothes we buy, and the food we consume, while toying with the possibility that each of these fragile characters is just an aspect of one, singular person.


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