The Acting/Music Theater Option

Students In The School Of Drama Acting And Music Theater Program Are Trained In A Rigorous Program Designed To Prepare Them For Immediate Entry Into The Professional Workforce.

They have many opportunities for experiential learning and collaboration in regular course and production work which introduce them to a broad range of theater making and expose them to on-camera work for film and television. Graduates of The School of Drama Acting and Music Theater Program combine their strong technique with creativity and empathy as the next generation of performing artists and storytellers.

A greeting from our Option Coordinator, Catherine Moore.

Ben Cherington Primary

Ben Cherington

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Saran Bakari 1

Saran Bakari

Actor / Dancer
Trevor Clarida Primary

Trevor Clarida

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Jaron Crawford Primary

Jaron Crawford

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Patrick Voss Davis 1

Patrick Voss Davis

Actor / Singer
Allison Ferebee 1

Allison Ferebee

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Henri Fitmaurice 2

Henri Fitzmaurice

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Cate Hayman 1

Cate Hayman

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Dylan T Jackson 1

Dylan T. Jackson

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Ethan Jones Romero 1

Ethan Jones Romero

Actor / Singer
Arthur Langlie 1

Arthur Langlie

Georgia Mendes 2

Georgia Mendes

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Neale Daniel 1

Daniel Neale

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Hagan Oliveras 1

Hagan Oliveras

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Katherine Anne Peyton 1

Katherine Anne Peyton

Actor / Singer
Amanda Ripley 1

Amanda Ripley

Atticus Shaindlin 1

Atticus Shaindlin

Actor / Singer
Emilia Suarez 1

Emilia Suarez

Actor / Singer / Dancer
Ava Yaghmaie 1

Ava Yaghmaie

Actor / Singer / Dancer

Join Us!

We hope you can join us to celebrate the connection, generosity and resilience of our unified community of industry professionals, alumni and educators, as we navigate through uncertain times.  We are grateful for your support of our class of 2020 and of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Community.

Connect with our Graduating Students

Schedule One-on-One conversations with students from our Acting/Music Theater, Design, Directing, Dramatic Writing, Dramaturgy, and Production Technology and Management Options. Simply complete our brief “about you” form, select the student or students with whom you wish to meet, and hit "Let's Connect." We will be in touch shortly. That's it ... happy connecting!

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