The John Wells Directing Program

Students In The School Of Drama John Wells Directing Program Are The Intellectually Curious And Visionary Leaders Shining A Light In The Darkness.

They are the pioneers capable of collaboratively shaping a creative viewpoint, eliciting the best from participants, making each the stronger for the whole. These directors have been immersed in a “think-tank,” an exhilarating crucible, and have envisioned the future of theater and contemporary performance. They have agility with classical work, new technologies and experimental approaches and possess the ability to articulate their own visions to create worlds that challenge us to lean in, to listen closely and to think. School of Drama Directors are the vanguard in the spectrum of performative arts.

A greeting from our Option Coordinator, Kim Weild.

Master of Fine Arts Degree

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Join Us!

We hope you can join us to celebrate the connection, generosity and resilience of our unified community of industry professionals, alumni and educators, as we navigate through uncertain times.  We are grateful for your support of our class of 2020 and of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Community.

Connect with our Graduating Students

Schedule One-on-One conversations with students from our Acting/Music Theater, Design, Directing, Dramatic Writing, Dramaturgy, and Production Technology and Management Options. Simply complete our brief “about you” form, select the student or students with whom you wish to meet, and hit "Let's Connect." We will be in touch shortly. That's it ... happy connecting!

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