Height: 5′ 5″
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Vocal Range: Mezzo/Belt/Mix

My Bio:

Originally from Clarksville, Tennessee, Allison is a recent graduate of the CMU School of Drama. She is a proud recipient of the Adelyne Roth Levine Memorial Award in acting and musical theatre. Growing up close to Nashville, music and performance have always been a part of her life– whether it be recording cassette tapes with her sister, giving dramatic readingsof Shakespeare to her bathroom mirror, or singing Queen in her car named Sheila.

Allison loves collaboration and the creative process, and she feels very lucky to be graduating with such inspiring artists and individuals. During her time at CMU, Allison has developed a love for writing, and hopes to continue to pursue writing plays and screenplays. Allison also loves horror films, cooking pasta, thrift shopping, and hanging out with her nephew. Please contact at alliferebee@gmail.com to watch her acting reel!

My Work:

Performance Reel:

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