My Bio:

Hi, I’m Allison Whyte, and although my background is primarily in Technical Direction, I am looking to apply my skills more broadly in Project Management. Working in a commercial fabrication shop setting has allowed me to gain many of the skills necessary for project management including budgeting processes, expense tracking, working collaboratively between departments, and creating and tracking milestones for various projects and teams.

I have also worked hard to broaden my project management knowledge in other fields, most recently with ETC – Electronic Theatre Controls, where I worked as part of their summer systems project management team for the past two years. This experience in addition to my work in Carnegie Scenic has given me an understanding of diverse project management styles and philosophies, experience with labor and materials budgeting, interacting with and being a part of on-site installation, and a more versatile set of management skills on projects of varying scales. My unique combination of experiences allows me to be more agile and adaptive in many areas, especially the ability to brainstorm creative and diverse solutions by seeing processes and problems from several points of view.

My Work:

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