Height: 5’5.5”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

My Bio:

Ava Yaghmaie is very excited to virtually meet you all! She is a proud first-generation Iranian-American woman, who will be graduating with a BFA in Acting and a Minor in Film and Media Studies. Acknowledged as an Andrew Carnegie Scholar and just recently being awarded the WCDAC Lee Miller award, she is incredibly grateful for the wonderful training that CMU has given her.

A couple things that she is passionate about other than Acting (which she has coincidentally been doing a lot of these days!) is practicing her work as a vocal jazz singer, filmmaking, and getting involved with the healing power that the arts holds.

During her Junior year, she wrote, directed, and produced a short film called “Seven Planes.” It was inspired by the horrific political event of the 2017 Travel Ban, which affected her own friends and family on a spectrum of ways. After researching and interviewing women from the seven countries that were affected by the ban and building her own film community within Pittsburgh, she was able to bring this passion project to life. Currently she is at the end of her post-production and is so excited to send to film festivals soon!

She also recently started “Harmony Pittsburgh,” a Pittsburgh sanctioned performing arts club for individuals with and without special needs of all ages. It was her way of fostering relationships and spreading the healing power of theatre between the artist community and those with special needs, with the goal of making one voice. She looks forward to being involved with this work in post-gradation as well!

Ava is represented by ICM Partners & Soffer/Namoff Entertainment. She is looking forward to making the big move to NYC soon!

My Work:

Acting Reel:

Performance Reel:

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