My Bio:

Hi! I’m Evan and I am originally from LI, NY. Getting so much exposure to theatre at a young age made me want to turn this passion into a career. Throughout high school I started to Stage Manage and it combined my two favorite things: problem solving and theatre. I went on to attend Carnegie Mellon University in its Stage and Production Management program. This past year I Stage Managed a graduate Level directed production of Dark Play… involving live media integration and the musical Into The Woods, directed by Matt Gardner. Both of these shows tackled huge design elements and involved a high level of collaboration and communication to effectively achieve everyone’s artistic goals. During the off times of school, I have had the opportunity to intern with the stage management team of the Broadway musical Beetlejuice. Getting to work on this from workshop to production, I was able to grow as a stage manager by learning how to integrate into the stage management team and develop the show. I also got to intern with producers Kevin McCollum and Carl White and work on projects that focused on my attention to detail and time management. Over the course of the past few years I have gotten to work on a range of dance pieces, devised theatre and new musicals. All of these shows presented different challenges and helped me grow as a problem solver. I am hoping to take all of these experiences and my skills to become a stage manager in New York.

My Work:

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