Actor / Singer / Dancer

Professional Association(s):

Height: 6’5”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Vocal Range: E2-A4

My Bio:

Born and raised in sunny Seattle, I was a tall kid who started by learning the intro trip to the Dyke Van Dyke show every morning at age 7. I love backpacking, comedy, politics, and travel. I’ve been to nearly 40 countries in the past two years and enjoy picking places completely unlike my home such as Laos, Qatar, Turkey, or Morocco.

I’m currently editing a documentary that I shot across Vietnam on a motorbike, interviewing Agent Orange victims as a Jennings Scholar. In quarantine, I’ve been developing my writing and music, and am committed to laughing hard once a day. I’ll also be seen in the upcoming feature film Unsinkable as Frederick.

I’m passionate about original work that’s got something to say. I’m also known to heartily endorse funny work that has ~absolutely nothing~ to say but helps people have a good time.

“You may not be handsome, but you sure are helpful” – My Gram
“C.J. Cregg meets Tigger” – Winnie The Pooh himself
“Aloof genius” – High school boss after forcing 6th Myers-Briggs test

My Work:

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