My Bio:

Julien Sat-Vollhardt is a Technical Direction student in the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Class of 2020. Originally from Oakland, California, Julien pursued an education in the arts for his love of live theater and the community that took him in. He is curious to a fault as well as an avid reader, seeking out knowledge and striving for excellence in his work. At CMU, he has pursued education in programming, theatrical automation, and glass-blowing. Outside of class, his hobbies include physical computing, the culinary arts, and near-constant perusal of the McMaster-Carr catalog.

Recently, he has served as the build lead for CMU’s production of Into The Woods, as a Technical Direction Intern for the Williamstown Theatre Festival, and as a carpenter for the California Shakespeare Theater. His work as a technical designer includes a cable winch driven wagon deck track supporting 25-foot-tall tracking and rotating walls in Or, (2019), and an engineered cantilever platform capable of supporting 1000 pounds in Tiger at the Gates (2019).

With a background in drafting, carpentry, and automation, Julien welcomes the chance to continue his work in the entertainment industry but is excited to find opportunities that explore new skillsets and neighboring industries after graduation.

My Work:

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