My Bio:

Lindsay Barr is a dramaturg with strong interests in new play development and theatrical education. Originally from Orlando Fl, she grew up attending classes and volunteering with the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, where she fostered a love for classical theater and performance, and realized the importance of arts education. Over the course of her studies at CMU she has participated in many projects. These include co-writing and directing a new musical Cruessical: The Crucible, a Seussical-Like Musical, and serving as new play/ production dramaturg for the premier of Liza Birkenmeier’s new play The Way Out West.

Over the course of the last year Lindsay has been the education and literary intern for City Theatre, and the Education and Accessibility Fellow at the Pittsburgh Public Theater. One of her primary duties with PPT was organizing and administering the 1,000+ participant Shakespeare Monologue and Scene contest. As she watched these brilliant young performers embrace Shakespeare the way she had, she knew she was in exactly the right field.

Lindsay was also one of three members of the 2019 ATHE Dramaturgy Debut Panel, presenting her work “Pressure Cooker Dramaturgy: Collaboration and The Way Out West.

My Work:

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