My Bio:

It’s hard to say what exactly drew Zachary into the world of entertainment. Maybe it was the countless hours watching Sailor Moon as a child and the enjoyment they got from pretending to be a sailor scout defending the galaxy. Maybe it was the awe they felt diving into the Harry Potter series and learning just how powerful art can be to a child. Or maybe it was because art saved their life.

Whatever the reason, it led Zachary to earn a BA in Theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi that took them on a whirlwind journey working at Disney World selling “Mickey Pretzels” near a safari ride that somehow inspired them to apply for graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University for Dramatic Writing. Casting a wide net on what genres/stories interest them, Zachary has written three plays (one musical, one semi-autobiography, and one southern gothic drama), numerous ten-minute plays (ranging from mother-daughter fraught relationships to brother-brother fraught relationships), three pilots (all musicals except one is an animated adventure for children), and a full-length screenplay about a very sad boy. One day Zachary hopes to follow in the footsteps of icons such as Rebecca Sugar and create wholesome storytelling for families to love while also giving queer characters a much overdue time in the light. With any luck, Zachary will write and perform that future into existence.

My Work:

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