Chapelli, Claire M.2014Acting
D’Avola, Taylor R.2014Acting
Keller, Rachel R.2014Acting
Lundstedt, Carl R.2014Acting
Marziale, Antonio R.2014Acting
Mendick, Joseph A.2014Acting
Moore, Thomas C.2014Acting
Muller, Brian M.2014Acting
Nicholas, James D.2014Acting
Peterson, Bridget C.2014Acting
Phillips, Jordan D.2014Acting
Redwood, Carter2014Acting
Reep, Michael P.2014Acting
Robles, Sarah-Nicole2014Acting
Stoker, John Garet S.2014Acting
Veintimilla, Michelle M.2014Acting
Bellomy, Daniel L.2014Acting-Music Theater
Benton, Denne A.2014Acting-Music Theater
Douglass, Christopher D.2014Acting-Music Theater
Graham-Haynes, Tsilala N.2014Acting-Music Theater
Laird, Alexandra L.2014Acting-Music Theater
Marois, Mitchell A.2014Acting-Music Theater
McGuire, Michael M.2014Acting-Music Theater
Nepi, Mary H.2014Acting-Music Theater
Saunders, Claire B.2014Acting-Music Theatre
Twomey, Ashley B.2014Acting-Music Theater
Ventricelli, Joseph C.2014Acting-Music Theater
Vine, Jacob A.2014Acting-Music Theater
Chalmers, Emily C.2014Design-Costume, MFA
Donelan, Elizabeth K.2014Design-Costume, MFA
Larson, Erik Anderson2014Design-Costume, MFA
Zain, Sabrina2014Design-Costume, MFA
Hood, Sophie2014Costume Production, MFA
Miller, Justin J. Keenan2014Design- Lighting, MFA
Teng, Yingchao2014Design- Lighting, MFA
Harrison, Jordan William2014Design- Media, MFA
Daly, Daniel C.2014Design- Scenic, MFA
Lee, Pamela Janis2014Design- Scenic, MFA
O’Hara, Holly E.2014Design- Scenic, MFA
Raintree, Christopher J.2014Design- Scenic, MFA
Sarno, Joseph Mark2014Design- Scenic, MFA
Lee, Christine Eunyong2014Design- Scenic, MFA
Shimizu, Evan B.2014BCSA- Computer Science & Arts
Gibson, Emily Anne2014BHA- Humanities & Arts
Scheiber, Brian Pettit2014BHA- Directing
Cook, Aaron Jacob2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Dabezies, Charles F.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Epstein, Scott M.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Gallagher, Jackson E.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Henley, Shannon Elizabeth2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Jared P. Gerbig2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Mary A. Lepiane2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Daniel J. Lundberg2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Mikkelson, Madeline R.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Mysel, Sophia M.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Peters, David J.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Stoll, Becca M.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Surasky, Andrew J.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Sutter, Timothy S.2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Westbrook, Zoe Burton Naiditch2014Design/Production Technology and Management
Beschel, Andrea E.2014Directing
French, Samuel S.2014Directing
Garcia, Priscila E.2014Directing
Margeson, Cameron S.2014Directing
Wilson, Kyle P.2014Directing
Sutherland, Michelle R.2014Directing, MFA
Corridor, Laci A.2014Dramatic Writing, MFA
Eisenstock, Jonah D.2014Dramatic Writing, MFA
Ginsburg, Joshua S.2014Dramatic Writing, MFA
Jwanouskos, Barbara M.2014Dramatic Writing, MFA
Etinoff, Alesia S.2014Dramaturgy
Hagen, Kelsey Claire2014Dramaturgy
McFarland, Emma H. M.2014Dramaturgy
Bertollo, Jessica M.2014Production Technology and Management, MFA
Cobham, Jamila R.2014Production Technology and Management, MFA
Foco, Luke M.2014Production Technology and Management, MFA
Meyendorff, Catherine Sarah2014Production Technology and Management, MFA
Buckwald, Joshua S.2014Theater Studies

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