Alexander Friedland

Stage and Production Management
Class of 2021

My Bio:

Originally hailing from the Hudson Valley, New York, Alexander Friedland (they/them) is a young arts manager, graduating from Carnegie Mellon Drama’s Stage and Production Management Program with a Philsophy Minor. While at Carnegie Mellon, Alexander has strengthened their ability to adapt and lead into the virtual unknown while managing four online projects this year. When not backstage, Alexander has been able to explore theatre administration while TAing a class in the Masters of Arts Management program this fall and holding a job as a company’s development assistant. In their free time, Alexander can be found in the kitchen cooking or on the couch reading. Guiding processes through kindness and a positive attitude, Alexander is thrilled to join the industry’s pivot. Not just the immediate pivot but for the pivot as we reimagine the subscription models that rely on keystone donors who are getting older, for the pivot as we continue examining equity in our organizations’ structures, and for the pivot to create art in new and different ways.