Showcase 2021 Carnegie Mellon University

Amalia Bluma Baker

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Here’s a metaphor for where I am in life, as an about-to-graduate senior dramaturg at Carnegie Mellon University: I’ve spent my life spinning yarn, ready to weave stories upon stories. I know the “how” so well at this point, but the “where” is thus far unknown to me. To whom will I bring my Barbie-pink and glitter-studded skeins? Hi, I’m Amalia, and I’m a quick-thinking, decision-making, risk-taking, always-dreaming kind of a person. I am a Jewish woman originally from West Nyack, New York, and I was raised on children’s animation days and sleep away camp nights. I tell you so because I bring every facet of myself and my joy to each minuscule movement I key. I love the act of CG character animation; every shot I work on, regardless of how menial, features some spark of my childhood, and the ferocity with which I held—and continue to hold—animation close to my heart. Chasing stories and dreams has led me here—and I’ll let that principle continue to tug me wherever it may.


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