Amara Pedroso

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Amara will graduate with the honor of being an Andrew Carnegie Scholar.

Growing up Amara quickly developed a passion for Acting. As a young girl intrigued by too many careers for her to explore in a lifetime; acting became the space for her to immerse in different worlds.

As she grew up, theatre also gave her the opportunity to explore her passion for social justice. She began to see theatre as a space to change the social consciousness through empathy by allowing people to find community and familiarity with stories that were different from their own. Realizing the emotional and social power of theatre, Amara took a big leap and moved from Chile to Pittsburgh to study at Carnegie Mellon. As the only international student in the Acting/Music Theatre program, she has cultivated her passion for collaboration and innovation as well as her deep desire to tell relevant and diverse stories.

Other than performance, Amara enjoys playing volleyball, doing manual arts and cooking.