Anthony Saldaña

Class of 2022


Anthony is a Chicago native who grew up on the north side in a suburb called Lincolnwood. His interests include cooking, video games, and foosball. His favorite episode of MasterChef is the season 6 finale, but his favorite season is season 3. His passion for music began at 10 years old, along with his love for Marvel movies and comics. Some of his favorite roles he has played include Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire and Sonny in In the Heights (which happens to be his favorite). One of his aspirations is to have a side career as a DJ. He is a first generation college student, and holds his family close to his heart. Also, his favorite food is cheeseburgers. 


“Luther” Season 1 Episode 1 by Neil Cross
Alice — Isabella Briggs, Luther — Anthony Saldaña

Anthony Saldaña — "Tennessee Whiskey" by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove


Anthony Saldaña and Jonathan Champion
From "Step Brothers" by Will Ferrell (screenplay) (story) | Adam McKay (screenplay) (story) | John C. Reilly (story)

Ayana Cymone and Anthony Saldaña
From "Sports Night" created by Aaron Sorkin