Chattan Johnson

Class of 2022


Originally from the coast of South Carolina, Chattan grew up loving all things creative. And although he participated in the typical little league sports, his true enjoyment was found in using imagination.

Chattan discovered theater in high school when he was cast as Jack in his school’s production of Into The Woods. On opening night, the student who was playing Cinderella’s Prince became ill and the director thought they’d need to cancel the performance; however, Chattan realized that he knew the Prince’s lines, songs, and blocking. He also realized that those 2 characters were never on stage at the same time. In a twist of fate, as he played both roles simultaneously, Chattan’s passion revealed itself. 

The oldest of five siblings, including a younger brother with special needs, Chattan understood the practice of real communication – both verbal and nonverbal. Being on stage and in student films gave him the perfect place to share those skills and gifts. Some favorite roles to date include Tony (WSS), John Proctor (The Crucible) and Jack Kelly (Newsies).

Having experienced life in a smaller town, Chattan knew that he’d need to pursue professional training.  He left the Carolina shore to attend Carnegie Mellon because he felt strongly about receiving an actor-first education. Chattan looks forward to beginning his career in the fields of screen, stage and voice-over.


“The F Word,” by Elan Mastai Chantry
Chantry - Meghan McLeod, Wallace — Chattan Johnson

Chattan Johnson — "You Are So Beyond" by Patricia Michaels (book) , by Jeanne Napoli, Doug Frank, Gary Portnoy, Beth Lawrence, and Norman Thalheimer (Music and Lyrics)


Chattan Johnson and Nicholas Biddle
Forgetting Sarah Marshall by Jason Segel