Cheyenne Springette

Class of 2022


Cheyenne Springette is a Pittsburgh born artist raised on the south side in a neighborhood full of chaos. She came to understand it. Bringing her sense of community and her own individuality into roles like Nora from A Doll’s House or Vera from August Wilson’s Seven Guitars. She has made an original work called “Lose Yourself” that investigates institutions and how POC can reclaim their identity and their story. Recently, she was a part of ‘The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano’ by Tlaloc Rivas, where she assistant directed and choreographed for the New Hazlett season and was cast in the CBS streaming show ‘One Dollar’. One of her favorite things to do is freestyle in the living room with her friends and make tunes on the fly, like this one below that shares just a nugget of her soul:


“always had quite a niche for sharing, expressing 

i’m a leo so that means that I want what I’m getting

whether writing or art or two steppin’ with you

If you my homie, you my family, that’s how we do”


Throughout her years at Carnegie Mellon University she has applied her skills as a lyricist, mover, and creator in productions on and off campus. 


"The Lovebirds" by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall
Leilani — Cheyenne Springette, Jibran — Mikael Gemeda-Breka


Cheyenne Springette and Sunday Saari
From "Dickenson" created by Alena Smith