Chris Chase

Stage and Production Manager
Class of 2022



Chris Chase (He/Him) is a Detroit native who began his theatrical career as a performer. But eventually found his calling as a Stage and Production Manager. Chris has worked with several Detroit theaters, worked the Pride Festival coordinating talent and scheduling, more than one wedding as a day-of coordinator, and even a few festivals. The challenges of  high pressure events, unpredictable weather, and large crowds, are all part of live events, and Chris enjoys those challenges. 

Being from a working background, Chris is passionate about DEAI in theater, for both patrons and employees. He believes that change is only possible when the individual and organization both work towards a common goal. 

Chris earned his BFA from Wayne State University in 2017, and is currently finishing his Masters Degree in Stage and Production Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Chris hopes to instill his passion and enthusiasm in the next generation of theatrical workers.