Chris Chene

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Chris grew-up calling many places home. Born in Pittsburgh, he moved to Chicago, San Diego and Columbus. Moving around often introduced him to a lot of different passions, one of which was a love to travel. After participating in a study abroad program in Scotland during High School, he decided to backpack across Europe before going to college. Growing up in San Diego was what brought him to another passion of his: skateboarding. Then moving to small-town outside of Columbus, skating wasn’t necessarily the best way to meet new people, so he tried Acting, which has stuck ever since.

Chris is drawn to original, progressive work. During his junior year, he enjoyed performing two new work plays that were focused on social justice issues and how theatre can strive to educate. Like traveling to different parts of the world, he believes that acting is a wonderful way to expose himself to ideas and experiences other than his own. Chris is grateful for the training he has received at the School of Drama.