Cusimano, Michael Louis2012Acting
Ledebur, Patrick Andrew de2012Acting
Deluca-Verley, Ava C.2012Acting
Enscoe, Adrian Blake2012Acting
Eskins, Sallie Elizabeth2012Acting
Heise, Anne Robinson2012Acting
Laws, David Andrew2012Acting
Passero, Lilli Miranda2012Acting
Putas, Dylan Taylor2012Acting
Reilly, Adam Francis2012Acting
Rice, Alexander John2012Acting
Soha, Lexi Gael2012Acting
Wilder, Joshua E.2012Acting
Cott, Corey Michael2012Acting-Music Theater
Henson, Thomas Grey2012Acting-Music Theater
Milord, Denver2012Acting-Music Theater
Plomgren, Noah Robert2012Acting-Music Theater
Roderique, Lucia Coral2012Acting-Music Theater
Shelton, Jessica Ryan2012Acting-Music Theater
Smith, Peter Marrick2012Acting-Music Theater
Spagenthal, Lindsay Faye2012Acting-Music Theater
Vivancos, Abdiel Gabriel2012Acting-Music Theater
Parent, Rachel Susan2012Design-Costume, MFA
Figueira, Robert Jay2012Design- Lighting, MFA
Wilson, Catherine Anne2012Design- Lighting, MFA
Laubach, Danielle Lynn2012Design- Scenic, MFA
Rizzotti, Patrick J.2012Design- Scenic, MFA
Lawsonm Erik Thomas2012Design- Sound, MFA
Ammerman, Charles Burton2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Beller, David L.2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Berger, Michael Louis2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Eboch, Katherine Ella2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Epstein, Michael Louis2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Gerling, Christopher Michael2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Johnson-Walsh, Hannah Leslie2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Leitch, Andrew C.2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Malloy, Cassondra W.2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Marrero, Brooke A.2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Scanning, Isabella2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Smith, Josh Ethan2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Spatz, Megan A.2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Weil, Ethan Reed2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Willet, Elizabeth Alice Sunday2012Design/Production Technology and Management
Dezil, Stefan Geordin2012Directing
Fleming, Christian R.2012Directing
Lilley, Olivia2012Directing
Nearing, Elizabeth Fairchild2012Directing
Schrank, Sophia Mara2012Directing
Steege, Miranda Kate2012Directing
Brook, Katherine Bartlett2012Directing, MFA
Gelb, Joshua William2012Directing, MFA
Birkenmeier, Elizabeth Leigh2012Dramatic Writing, MFA
Cook, Margaret Hunter2012Dramatic Writing, MFA
Healey, Rachael Noelle2012Dramatic Writing, MFA
Roth, Peter J.2012Dramatic Writing, MFA
Sebacher, Jason2012Dramatic Writing, MFA
Christie, Michael Dakota2012Dramaturgy
Kunze, Mary Margaret2012Dramaturgy
Miller, Alexander Williams2012Dramaturgy
Lauren, Nicole2012Dramaturgy
Shaw, Dana Luery2012Dramaturgy
Jaffe, Devorah Lynn2012Production Technology and Management, MFA
Legassie, Calvin James2012Production Technology and Management, MFA
Sekinger, Brian R2012Production Technology and Management, MFA
Strong, Thomas W.2012Production Technology and Management, MFA
Graziano, Clare Jeanette Leandra2012Theater Studies

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