Glinsky, Luka E.2013Acting
Graham-Thille, Sairus J.2013Acting
Hagenbuch, Adam J.2013Acting
Le Vine, Virginia G.2013Acting
Mason, James D.2013Acting
McKinney, Lachlan C.2013Acting
Morabito, Brian Furey2013Acting
Peerzada, Aidaa2013Acting
Rao, Grace C.2013Acting
Spieth, Alexandra A.2013Acting
Stepanov, Katya2013Acting
Tischler, Jacob S.2013Acting
Wallach, Dylan S.2013Acting
Wood, Marquis L.2013Acting
Anderson, Casey Layne2013Acting-Music Theater
Beaver, Jesse D. Carrey2013Acting-Music Theater
Eaton, Trevor McQueen2013Acting-Music Theater
Hardon, Imari R.2013Acting-Music Theater
Harris, Olivia K.2013Acting-Music Theater
Helmboldt, Taylor Jack2013Acting-Music Theater
Hogan, Stephanie A.2013Acting-Music Theater
Jackson Jr., Rodney Earl2013Acting-Music Theater
Jorgenson, Jonathan Evan2013Acting-Music Theater
Koch, Emily B.2013Acting-Music Theater
Maddox, Joseph P.2013Acting-Music Theatre
Rehberger, Nicholas2013Acting-Music Theater
Borovci, Albulena2013Design-Costume, MFA
Casaus, Christine Michelle2013Design-Costume, MFA
Chen, Ying-Jung2013Design-Costume, MFA
Holland, Tyler M.2013Design-Costume, MFA
Ries, Paula J.2013Design-Costume, MFA
Vandevier, Lindsey Lillian2013Design-Costume, MFA
Roskos, Elisabeth Milton2013Costume Production, MFA
Slaugh, Lindsey Jean2013Costume Production, MFA
Efros, Dan2013Design- Lighting, MFA
Johnson, Calvin Gene2013Design- Lighting, MFA
Emerson, Jessica J.2013Design- Scenic, MFA
Jaung, Young2013Design- Scenic, MFA
Jun, Helen2013Design- Scenic, MFA
Mauk, Britton Wayne2013Design- Scenic, MFA
McNeel, Brandon William2013Design- Scenic, MFA
Mills, Lauren Patricia2013Design- Scenic, MFA
Rummel, Christopher Theodore2013Design- Sound, MFA
Alderman, Brian2013Bachelor of Science
Beach-Westmoreland, Ariel Katherine2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Benedict, Sarah Gillis2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Cutler, Bryce C.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Gillam, Sarah Anne2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Guerrero, Devrie D.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Hellring, Molly Rose2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Henao, Sonia I.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Hunsicker, Tiffany2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Kubisen, Robert J.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Mark, Jonathan E.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Min, Grace2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Parker, Sarah Elizabeth2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Rangell, Brian Howard2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Robinson, Rachel L.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Petrossian, Sharisse D.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Shurman, Sylvianne E.2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Stein, Mary Rene2013Design/Production Technology and Management
Drutman, Jamie H.2013Directing
Gagnon, Asia J.2013Directing
Kiliany, Paige2013Directing
McDuffie, Tegan Ritz2013Directing
Sigerson, Lio X.2013Directing
Tonti, Stephen R.2013Directing
Viertel, Benjamin A.2013Directing
Mills, Jessica Lee2013Directing, MFA
Sindelar, Shannon2013Directing, MFA
Chandler, April M.2013Dramatic Writing, MFA
Frazier, Jeremy2013Dramatic Writing, MFA
Mickere, Kaitlin Browning2013Dramatic Writing, MFA
Morrison, Megan A.2013Dramatic Writing, MFA
Thurman, Brittany J.2013Dramatic Writing, MFA
Valenti, Britain Elise-Templet2013Dramatic Writing, MFA
Cox, Caitlin J.2013Dramaturgy
Diamond, Elias Gustave2013Dramaturgy
Harrington, Kelley M.2013Dramaturgy
Keats, Sara Lindsay2013BHA-Dramaturgy
O’Connor, Olivia Ann2013Dramaturgy
Patton, Chandler E.2013Dramaturgy
Rodriguez, Catherine Maria2013Dramaturgy
Smith-Bernstein, Isabel M.2013BHA-Dramaturgy
Harris, Dale Eugene2013Production Technology and Management, MFA
Rohner, Matthew John2013Production Technology and Management, MFA
Rothermel, Jacob Allen2013Production Technology and Management, MFA
Speegle, Taylor Harrison2013Production Technology and Management, MFA
Hardin, Ebony E.2013Theater Studies

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