Clementine Wurzbach

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Brooklyn born, small town raised, Clementine grew up in a farmhouse in Connecticut with a slew of birds, goats, cats, dogs, and a rotating crew of fascinating visitors. Ever since she was little, Clementine has been interested in all things creative. She draws a lot of inspiration from her family, a beautiful blend of artists and scientists, who love nothing more than healthy discourse and elaborate meals. Clementine’s parents put her into a theater class in middle school because while soccer and swimming tired her out physically, it didn’t exhaust her desire to express herself.Theater became her favorite outlet for her abundance of energy and ideas. She went to high school at The Educational Center for the Arts (ACES) in New Haven for Theater. Despite a plan to go to college for hotel management or journalism or something, she cried when she got into Carnegie Mellon for acting. While crying is not an uncommon occurrence for her, CMU is the only college she cried about.

In high school Clementine developed a passion for writing. One of her favorite projects at CMU was writing and performing Lullaby of Girlhood, a poetic musical incorporating the original music and personal narratives of four friends. Currently, she is working on producing a short film that she wrote called On Being Alone. Other than theater, Clementine loves cooking, gardening, being outside in general, yoga, cleaning, playing the guitar, dancing alone in her room, and starting multitudes of art projects.