Clementine Wurzbach

Class of 2021

My Bio:

I’m Clementine Wurzbach, Brooklyn born, small town Connecticut raised. I started doing theater in middle school because my best and only friend was doing a musical theater summer camp. I’d like to say that the week I spent singing “Happiness” from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown while holding a giant red pencil is what made me fall in love with theater, but what really kept me coming back was the fact that I was quite terrible at it. That summer lit a fire within me. I needed to WIN ACTING!! While I didn’t win acting, because as I aged and developed into a person with the ability to process complexity, I learned art isn’t about winning, is it? Theater became a community that accepted me. I went to high school at The Educational Center for the Arts (ACES) in New Haven. When it came to deciding on colleges I wanted to go to school for hotel management or journalism or something, but when I got into Carnegie Mellon I cried, and while that’s not an uncommon occurrence for me, CMU is the only college I cried for. My highschool acting teacher used to always say, “Only do theater if it’s the only thing you can do.” I wouldn’t say theater is the only thing I can do. It’s just the only thing I always come back to. I can tell you a lot about dog breeds. It’s not something I’m passionate about, I just have that information stored in my brain. One of my biggest strengths is cleaning. I do feel passionate about cleaning. I also love to cook. I roast a chicken even better than I fold laundry and that’s saying something. Fun fact about me, my thyroid and I broke up a while ago, it was kind of an abusive relationship, so yeah, that b**** has been removed from my neck!

I think I fell in love with theater not only because I like attention, but because I love collaboration and I love to learn. Theater is a lense through which we can look at everything that exists in the world. I choose theatre because we all come back to it over and over again. Theater unites us.

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