Daniel Gerard Bittner

Class of 2021

My Bio:

What do you get when an all-around handyman/robotics testing engineer and a wonderful caretaker/ writer have four sons? Three scientists and an artist like Daniel. Pittsburgh-born and raised Daniel Gerard Bittner is a natural-born storyteller. His love for music, theater, and film is mirrored by his love for the outdoors and a large amount of life and work experience. Whether it be Data Labeling for a Robotics Company, singing and dancing on stage, or even being a roofer, Daniel’s hard work and ability to adapt have made him well versed in people and the world around him. Daniel’s main focus in life is to not only tell tales, but to craft and create stories that anyone and everyone can watch, relate to and enjoy. Daniel recently appeared in “Heathers” at the Fort Mason Theater in San Francisco, California, and hopes to be working on any form of entertainment he can get his hands on in the future.