Davine Byon

Video & Media Designer
Class of 2022



DAVINE BYON (she/her) is a Korean-American interdisciplinary collaborative designer for experiences. As a native New Yorker, she had the privilege of growing up with a rich arts vocabulary and exploring her budding passions in theatre design and art history. 

While pursuing her BFA in Video & Media Design at Carnegie Mellon University, Davine has gained valuable experience designing media for theatre from conceptualization to execution, engineering media systems, working with cameras for live and pre-recorded content, creating immersive projection installations, and experimenting with virtual performance during COVID-19. Davine also found a love for research and analytical writing in media theory, Internet culture, and digital performance. These sociopolitical frameworks inform her creative practice of utilizing media tools to diegetically empower narrative. 

Davine is excited to explore a multidisciplinary career of both making and curating media and performance art with diverse collaborators. Email davinebyon@yahoo.com to ask about her thesis, a curated map of media influence at the intersection of art, technology, and society.