Elliot Queale

Technical Director
Class of 2022



Elliot Queale is a technical director and engineer graduating from Carnegie Mellon with his MFA in production and technical management. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Delaware and is currently finishing his masters in technical direction with a thesis on impact and shock loading on theatre structures.

While at Carnegie Mellon, he has served as a technical designer and detailer for a variety of productions, as well as a project manager for the TD department. He continues to further his engineering education as well, specifically in the fields of structural design and control systems through the graduate programs in the college of engineering.

Elliot has worked in a variety of roles with a wide range of companies. His theatrical experiences have led him to the Delaware REP, Delaware Theatre Company, and Surflight Theatre as both a carpenter and electrician. In addition, his engineering experiences include work at companies such as Siemens, Southco, Equinox Innovative Systems, and Ben Peoples Industries. 

He also has a deep passion for education and mentorship. While at CMU, he has taught carpentry stagecraft to first-year production students, and an introduction to embedded systems to the technical directors. He hopes to continue learning and mentoring wherever he goes!