Emily S. Chang

Class of 2022


Emily S. Chang (she/her/hers) is an actor, singer, and dancer from Northbrook, Illinois. Her love of the arts stems from an early age, when her mom first put her in a theater camp at just five years old. Growing up watching theater in Chicago and eventually performing there herself, she realized her love of the arts was becoming a passion. In the years that followed, that passion for performing and storytelling continued to grow and led her to the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. 

Emily has explored a variety of roles at CMU, like the ever-curious Eurydice in the play of the same name and the fiery Eden in power/trip. Emily’s dance skills and experience earned her a spot in the musical-theater dance track. She continued expanding her singing repertoire through vocal lessons. Her favorite collaborations included creating student work with her classmates during Playground and the annual dance concert. This past year she choreographed a duet based on one of the most influential people in her life: her grandmother. 

Outside of performance, you can find Emily watching a Marvel movie for the hundredth time, taking a walk, or playing her ukulele. Emily is a proud Asian-American and is extremely passionate about work that uplifts and honors Asian-American/BIPOC stories and experiences. To promote diversity in the community she served as a teaching assistant for CMU’s Anti-Racist Theatre course. She is so grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who have shown her the power and beauty of her identity. Emily hopes to contribute to and expand Asian-American voices in the industry by creating meaningful work.


“Life Itself” by Dan Fogelman
Abby — Emily S. Chang, Will — Julian O’Byrne

Emily S. Chang – "Midnight Mass" - Season 1, Created by Mike Flanagan


Ayana Cymone and Emily S. Chang
From "Someone Great" By Jennifer Kaytin Robinson