Emma Pollet

Costume Designer
Class of 2023


Emma Pollet is a costume designer originally from the New Orleans area. She is in her final year of pursuing a BFA in Costume Design with a minor in Creative Writing at Carnegie Mellon University. She just completed assisting Mindy Eshelman on City Theater’s production of The Wanderers. Currently, she is the Costume Designer for Carnegie Mellon School of Music’s production of Der Kaiser Von Atlantis, directed by Karina Aviva. 

Her love for performing coupled with her ability to sew at a young age, which fostered her interest in costume design. Emma sets out to tell meaningful stories with creativity and care, which is strengthened in collaboration.

Emma saturated her experience at CMU to the fullest extent, holding executive leadership positions in student organizations, writing for the campus magazine, and, most recently, designing a fashion line in the annual Lunar Gala fashion show. In her free time, you can find her writing in a local cafe or taking photos of friends on her mom’s film camera.