Isaiah Joshua Foster

Class of 2022


Isaiah Joshua Foster was unexpectedly born to a pair of ministers in San Diego, California. Having a single mother devoted to the church, he gained the name little man after everyone saw him jumping around, stomping his feet, and singing with the choir. Luckily his mother saw a gift and gave him the greatest gift of placing him in a performing arts school, this is when he discovered his fiery passion for the arts. On this path of discovery both his parents were called home unexpectedly, life unveiled the harsh reality but cleared the path to untouchable resilience. He has worked with a few theaters back home including; The San Diego Repertory Theater, San Diego Musical Theater/Conservatory, and UCSD Muir Musical. A few of his favorite roles are Marcus (Marcus: Or the Secret of Sweet), Pete (New Works: The Beach) and La Cienega (Bring It On). As a director and choreographer, Isaiah has been creating a piece exploring happiness through the black experience. His latest piece is titled, “Speak to My Stars.” Aside from the performing arts Isaiah also enjoys cooking for others, spending time outdoors, athletic activities, meditating, and having me-time. He is excited to graduate from Carnegie Mellon and to continue to nurture his love for acting, singing, dancing, choreographing, directing, and healing life itself.  

Isaiah has had a fruitful journey and continues to marinate in the idea that the arts have altered his state of well-being, and every day redefines his purpose in life. With this revelation, Isaiah craves to create room for Black experiences to be heard.



“Malcolm and Marie” by Sam Levinson
Marie — Rayven Bailey, Malcolm — Isaiah Joshua Foster

Isaiah Joshua Foster — Mashup — "Over The Rainbow" by Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg and "Home" from The Wiz by Charlie Smalls


Ava Egertson and Isaiah Joshua Foster
From "Becky Shaw" by Gina Gionfriddo