Kaiti Barta

Minor in Film Studies
Class of 2021

My Bio:

My brand of dramaturgical work focuses on creative development in writing, production, and directing. I pursued the study of Dramaturgy at CMU because it allowed me to create a blended curriculum of theatre and history  through the lens of text analysis. My intentions have since crystalized into a love of storytelling, and a desire to use these skills in Film and Television.

My art often explores the working-class family, queerness, and the divine feminine. I am intrigued by stories that elevate reality through nuance and unexpected reversals, like the films of Aster and De Santis. I am also passionate about writing and developing modernized historical adaptations, including expanding classical mythos, similar to the works of Lanthimos and Rajiv Joseph.

Professionally, I am currently a creative development intern with Biscuit Belly Productions, led by CMU alum Mary-Margaret Kunze and Jade Halley Bartlett. In May, I will complete my BFA in Dramaturgy and minor in Film Studies and intend to pursue content creation and development. When I’m not creating, I’m probably pulling my cat out of houseplants or stargazing in the park.