Katy Zapanta

Class of 2022



Katy Zapanta is a dramaturg, writer, choreographer, and podcast host from Pittsburgh, PA. When she was six years old, she dreamed of being a Rockette. That dream was shattered when she never grew above 4’11.” Nevertheless, childlike wonder and joy persist in everything that Zapanta creates and dance remains a foundation in her artistic practice.

Zapanta has expertise in new work development, ensemble devising, and is passionate about art education, having years of experience working with children and artists that have not previously performed in the theatre. She has created original musicals, screenplays, movement pieces, and art installations, with hopes to continue to work in story development across many mediums.

Zapanta has worked in both the theatre and film industries, including City Theatre Company and Annapurna Pictures. She was also selected as one of only 100 participants in the Academy Gold Rising program, in which she engaged in an 8-week experiential and educational summer intensive about the film industry, culminating in a short film pitch to network professionals.

You can get to know her more through her podcast “For the Revolution:” a platform for young artists to discuss the changing nature of storytelling and the theatre industry as a whole.