Khailah Johnson

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Born and raised in New Jersey, Khailah Johnson comes from a very musically inclined family and was immersed in the world of theatre at a very early age. Her grandmother and all of her uncles and aunts would have choir rehearsals and sing together at holiday dinners which is where she found her love for singing. Also teaching at her mothers performing arts school. She is very athletic participating in cheerleading, swimming, softball and track but ultimately felt at home in the theatre. She has performed at local theaters such as Crossroads Theatre Company and NJ State Theatre and has received the Papermill Playhouse award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a musical for her portrayal of Deloris in Sister Act. She gained her AEA membership from her role as Rusty in Footloose and the MUNY directed by Christian Borle.

She is so grateful for her time in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon where she received the Helen Wayne Rauh award for excellence in musical theatre and had the honor of living as Little Red in Into The Woods. Also appeared locally as Tiana in the Broadway Princess Party.

All while doing theatre she also was a competitive cheerleader and took circus classes. Having a strong unhealthy obsession with magic ,brunch and hot yoga. She hopes to spark joy and laughter in her work while telling important stories to help at least one person heal.