Lauren Maria Medina

Class of 2021


Born and raised in New Jersey, Lauren began her journey in performing by playing softball as a child, after her parents realized she liked singing her team’s cheers a whole lot more than stepping up to bat. After obsessively watching a mixture of Beauty and the Beast, Lady Gaga, and Julie Andrews, she finally decided to act in her first show. The rest is history! Now a proud AEA member, Lauren is passionate about cultivating joy, inspiration, and change by utilizing her artistry on the stage and screen.

Lauren’s performance opportunities have allowed her to inhabit the minds of complex three dimensional women like Phoebe in “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”, Maria in “West Side Story”, Orange Girl in “Shout!”, Rapunzel in “Into the Woods” and Jeanie in “Hair”. In addition to taking on female driven narratives, she is determined to elevate the voices of BIPOC throughout her career. As a Latina, she hopes to continue to take part in stories that shed light on the Latinx experience.

Outside of performing, Lauren loves a good empanada more than most things on this Earth and has a deep fascination with anything crime. You can find her instructing classes on the yoga mat, cooking plant based meals for her loved ones, or exploring nature in her favorite pair of 70’s denim.