Lena Banchero

Drama and Global Studies, Scenic Design Concentration
Class of 2021

My Bio:

Originally from San Francisco, CA, Lena Banchero is a scenic and production designer for theatre, opera, film, and TV. At Carnegie Mellon, she received her Bachelor of Humanities and Arts in Drama and Global studies with a minor in Art.

Through her dual degree, she studied both scenic design and contemporary world history, making her a multi-facetted researcher, artist, and designer.

Her recent projects include: In my Dreams (Carnegie Mellon) and the short film Season of Expectations. She also assisted Carey Xu on Semele (Pittsburgh Opera) and Katherine Sharpless on Into the Woods (Carnegie Mellon).

She has worked as a commissioned painter and muralist as well as a gallery assistant at the Miller Institute for Contemporary Art. She seeks to combine her fine art background with her design skills to create new ways of telling visual stories.