Liggera Edmonds-Allen

Class of 2023


Liggera Edmonds-Allen (they/them) was born to be a multi-hyphenate – they’ve got a hyphen in their name! Liggera is a dramaturg, playwright, and producer. Their work focuses on marginalized joy, as well as the use of theatre for political activism.  

As a dramaturg, Liggera Edmonds-Allen helps develop new work, established text, and performance experimentation. They are most drawn to stories of community and belonging. Their recent dramaturgy at Carnegie Mellon University includes Considering Matthew Shepard by Craig Hella Johnson, 차’nt () by Trà Nguyễn, and Fishbowl by Gabriel Martin Armstrong. Their favorite practice as a dramaturg is to create lobby displays and websites that excite the imagination with multi-sensory experiences. 

As a playwright, Liggera Edmonds-Allen is known for writing performances centered around marginalized communities – completely in verse! Their most recent production, Wednesday’s Voyeur, focuses on the LGBT homeless youth population in Utah. The piece had its world premiere at the United Nation’s 2022 Why It Matters conference in Orem, Utah. They also love to write jukebox musicals and rock operas, and frequently receive cease-and-desist notices from their favorite bands. In their free time, they are also a poet, translator, and aspiring children’s book author.