Margaret Shumate

Stage and Production Manager
Class of 2022



Margaret Shumate is a stage manager with a primary interest in opera, and with additional experience in theatre and dance. Additionally, Margaret has other entertainment management experience in production management, orchestra management, and event coordination. She has recently worked in stage management with Fort Worth Opera, Pittsburgh Opera, and the Seagle Festival Opera. She believes that versatility is her strength, and she regularly pursues further afield interests in disciplines such as music composition, sound design, and lighting design. 

First drawn to stage management in the wake of #MeToo by a desire to help create a safe, inclusive environment for the artists around her, Margaret’s determination to empower the artists who surround her has only grown in the light of WeSeeYouWAT in the last two years. She seeks to apply her hard work and creativity to improve each project on which she works, and to tear down barriers for other artists.