Mirah Kozodoy

Sound Designer
Class of 2022



Mirah Kozodoy is a Sound Designer who is driven by curiosity and a desire to find new ways of making the world a safer place. They started working in sound in their sophomore year at Carnegie Mellon and have since worked as Designer, Mixer, Engineer, and A2 in live performance and as Recording Engineer and Editor in short films and radio dramas. As a collaborator, Mirah is focused on supporting the project to the very best of their ability. Their approach to work is based in patience and resilience; they love the process of working through problems and will try as many different approaches as is necessary to find a solution. Their favorite part of sound is how expansive it is and they are very excited to continue learning and exploring the many different possibilities Sound Design has to offer. 

Mirah is committed to confronting and fighting prejudice and oppression wherever they go and they are eager to explore new methods of producing theater and performance that lift up and center stories that have not been given the respect and attention they deserve.