Peter Enright Kelly

Scenic Designer
Class of 2021

My Bio:

Peter Kelly is a scenic designer graduating with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Design from Carnegie Mellon University in the spring of 2021. While at CMU he designed Blacktop Sky, directed by NaTasha Thompson, and Giulio Cesare, directed by Dennis Whitehead Darling. When he’s not in class or working on shows, Peter has spent the last several years teaching himself 3D digital softwares to further expand his skillset. You can find him most nights staying up watching tutorials on anything from how to make procedurally generated trees to how a new piece of software can make his models look even better.

Born in Massachusetts with a twin brother he has been collaborating since he was born and is looking forward to the new opportunities that come with graduation. Peter finds inspiration from music, film, and the world around him. If you ever come across a cool music video be sure to send it his way. He looks forward to creating work that will inspire others and lead to a more inspiring world.