Sally Kozminski

Class of 2023


Sally Kozminski (she/her) is a multi-hyphenate whose mission is to create stories that spark discussions long after the performance/episode/piece that defies categorization has wrapped. Whether she’s on a creative team as a dramaturg, writer, actor, adapter, director, or some combination of those terms, her goal is to ensure that any project she works on will get her audience talking. 

Sally grew up in Northfield, Illinois, and was relieved to be bitten by the theatre bug because she was terrible at every sport she tried. After that discovery, she spent her teenage years performing in plays, creating story theatre, and practicing improv with her peers. Acting was her main career ambition until her gap year at Interlochen Arts Academy, where she first came into contact with a bulletin board dedicated to dramaturgical research for the show she was performing in. Her curiosity about the writers’ artistic choices and enthusiasm for adding entries to the board got her thinking “maybe I can help to create shows, too.”

In her time as a dramaturgy student at CMU, Sally confirmed that hunch. She is passionate about collaborating with others to create unique original works, whether those projects are developed over the course of 8 months or 4 days. Recently, she was the dramaturg to playwright Beth Ann Powers as she developed her playwriting thesis, The Real Girls. Additionally, she was the script supervisor and a dramaturg on City Theatre Company’s 2022 Young Playwrights Festival. 

After graduation, Sally aspires to be integral to the creation and execution of bold original work (hopefully, involving some of her own writing) in theatre and/or TV.  

In her spare time, she enjoys roller skating, nature walks, reading, and hanging out with her puggle, Linus.