Samantha Williams

Technical Director
Class of 2022



Samantha Williams is a project manager, technical director, and scenic/props designer originally from Germantown, Maryland. As a middle school student, she found a compassionate and exciting community in the theatre department, and immediately discovered a love for art and management that has continued to grow for over a decade. Through all her schooling she has found joy in supporting and guiding younger peers, and feels insurmountable pride in watching them succeed. As a passionate believer in the power of education and the values of equity, empathy, and self-improvement, she one day plans to continue this and use her professional experience as a tool to educate younger artists, just as her youth mentors did for her. 

Samantha believes in creating accessibility and equity everywhere she goes, and her positive-impact and empathy based philosophy has allowed her to do so through multiple avenues. She has carved, constructed, and painted intricate props for Music Theatre Wichita; job led, drafted, budgeted, and project managed for Carnegie Scenic Studios; and outside of theatre, she has worked as a supervisor on a pandemic financial assistance program for the residents of Connecticut, personally authorizing over $100,000 in aid payments. She is a talented, proud, and excited artist, mentor, manager, and craftswoman, and she cares deeply about the impact of her work.