Sarah Connor

Costume Designer
Class of 2021


My Bio:

Sarah Connor is from Long Island, NY, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA while attending Carnegie Mellon University. She’s a graduating senior in the CMU School of Drama Class of 2021, with a focus in Costume Design and Production. They are a character and costume designer and story artist with a focus in visual storytelling. 

Sarah brings an eye for detail and intricate, emotional storytelling to everything she does, both for costume and character design. They particularly enjoy projects set in other different times and places that can allow them to stretch their imagination and build worlds through their visuals, such as those in the science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural genres. 

Her past projects range from designing for plays, musicals, operas, and live entertainment to working on animated short films and television projects. She’s currently looking for work in film and TV or animation beginning in the summer of 2021 across the US.