Sebastian Adkins

Costume Designer
Class of 2023


Sebastian Adkins is a costume designer and creator from the suburbs of Chicago. He is in his final year pursuing his BFA in Costume Design. He just finished designing Orion and the Goatman at Carnegie Mellon University, directed by Stewart Harrison, including the show’s star the monstrous Goatman. 

His passion for storytelling and showmanship was fostered during his childhood, through Golden Age musicals, Irish folk music, and road trips to historic sites. Sebastian’s intention is to tell hopeful, nostalgic, and joyous stories, by understanding an audiences’ core emotions and universal shared experiences. 

Beyond the physical classroom, Sebastian has a collection of interests. For the past 5 years he has spent his Christmas seasons as a professional Santa Claus, for companies such as Neiman Marcus. Further, he takes monthly lessons with Las Vegas magician Jeff McBride; understanding how magic tells stories and how stories are magic is core to Sebastian’s artistry. Daily you can find him in the gym, playing his bagpipes or tin whistle, and trying out new jokes on captive audiences.